Behind It All

Now, let me tell you about me where I am now and plan to be soon. I always worked hard but for sure still making time to be a teen. I push on to one day own my own business and brand label URR. To be a CEO at a young age takes time management without a doubt. My business and brand will be world wide sooner than later. In my spare  time I love to write and read as well as show my creativity on new ideas. My favorite colors are blue, gold, orange and black. I have a pit bull who is truly a boy best friend. Video games are ok but board games with family and friends way better. As far as hobbies and sports: I ride bikes, skate, swim, play basketball, soccer and baseball. Oh yeah, a little weight lifting to keep in shape.Traveling for me is a must do; its nothing like seeing the world. I enjoy trying new foods and meeting people along the journey. I always keeping my mind open to what is next to come. On another note my family is very important to me and had supported me on many choices. School is essential for sure hands down. I am home school under a charter school program that I can take on over the road. This way it gives me time to still learn along with building my dreams. My GPA at this time is high super excited even though am looking forward to better myself. No doubt am going off to college when I graduate to pursue my goal in business. I can continue business management skills as I run my business now. I know my parents will be proud of my achievements. I am for sure give back to the communities in need starting with my city. I have so much I want to do as far as helping others. My music, acting and modeling career incorporate along with so much more to come brings me joy. As I take in great knowledge to continue to be successful; will only open a path to share what I have learned. For those who want to grow from what I have to offer along the way keep tune in with me.


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