Life as a model started early for me. I was three months old not even walking; who would have guessed just out with my mom shopping, I will become a Sunburst model. It just so happens,  I was the only boy to be chosen and was entered that day. The odds against me was none because I was crown Mr. PeeWee, along with it came trophies, metals, gifts, and opportunities. I was entered into the next pageant all fees paid. My biggest supporter was my family as I traveled with my mom. I later won the title Mr. North & South Carolina King 2005. This time my trophy stood 6 feet tall bigger than me by far. The other trophies were for overall from looks to outfits and for sure my personality. As the years came and went I once again carry the title as 2018 Mr. International model. I have been modeling for the past 14 years and yes at times it gets hectic but to be great you must push on. The experience is one you will never forget, its so much to learn on the journey of becoming a supermodel.