Modeling Seminar

Hi, I was crowned Mr. International in 2018 from Columbia, SC. Looking forward to meeting you soon. I have great news to share. I am here with over 10 plus years of experience. The reason, I decided to start doing modeling seminar/tools is to bring light to many of you who may want to one day become a model in fashion, commercial, photo shoots and or magazines. This is the time to have your dreams come true. I am willing and ready to share the upside and downs of it all. The professional experience I have to offer will get you closer to the mainstream for I know what it takes to get you there. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, shape or size, male or female; or even if you have a disability. Its all welcomed in the modeling world. I will be teaching skills in walking, turning, facial expression, body language, etc. We will have open talks about scams, cost, traveling and will try to answer any questions you may have, all while having fun and learning a variety of helpful techniques. You too will have the opportunity to travel and show your talent with many designers, because I will be selecting models to walk the runway for my upcoming brand URR. So follow me for upcoming projects, dates, and locations near you.