Music Bio

My name is Zyques Washington known as Kasino the Rap Artist. I have always been musically gifted. From a young age I have been performing and playing a variety of musical instruments, songwriter also dancing and singing. I got into music to help express my feelings and thoughts. I have my ups and downs just like the next but music give me peace. Throughout the course of my music career, I have won over hearts of all types of music lovers. I am truly grateful to have performed at a variety of venues, making loads of public appearances as well. My main goal is to have followers and fans relate where am coming from as they enjoy listening to my music. Music is a life journey and having all walks of life in tune is a powerful feeling of love. I am a very intelligent person and use my gifts well, I write, make beats and mix; which I taught myself. I do rap, r&b, pop, and country. It’s so much to me to know and I will love to have you all along for the ride; all while am recording new music. There will be days I do live session and it will be times I ask for your feedback or and input. Natural ability will only take an artist so far, but a strong will and determination for me are key. My drive in success to learn my business as an artist is a win in my eyes. I know its not a walk in the park or candy treats but hard work with great awards. With that being said; check out my music and stay woke for my newest productions. Email or Text if you want me to perform at your next event or birthday party (etc.)Prices vary